Quantum Mind Re-Coding

Get rid of self-sabotage by re-coding your subconscious mind

Stop working on symptoms with typical self-help. Go to the source with our unique science-based methodology.



"Anna Berger is the coach you always wanted,

someone who has been there at the cutting edge of business and entrepreneurship as a strategic leader, someone who’s awakened to their own resilience and strength of character, someone who sees possibility in every scenario, and someone who cares deeply about helping you to become what you’re capable of becoming. Anna can transform a company, and, more importantly, she will transform your life."

Karlin Sloan
CEO, Sloan Group International

Meet Anna Berger

Bestselling author and mind re-coding specialist


Quantum Mind Academy CEO, Anna Berger, has been a business and life coach for over a decade. After building a quarter-billion-dollar empire in real estate and realizing that money can’t buy you happiness, she embarked on a self-discovery journey of the psychology of human fulfillment.

With a passion for quantum physics, hypnosis and neuro-linguistics, she is a leading transformative coach who specializes in conscious communication and Subconscious Mind Recoding™

Through the programs in Quantum Mind Academy, she teaches people all over the world how to release themselves from the matrix of the coded mind and to use the power of the subconscious to excel in life.

Her humor and ability to distill the complexities of psychology and quantum physics into a simple, user-friendly process – which is free of academic jargon and ‘unnecessary fluff’ – makes this training ideal for anyone to pick up, implement its strategies, and obtain substantial results!

Be ready for a total identity shift: you get to choose who you become by deleting the error codes in your subconscious allowing you to use its incredible power to work for you in every part of your life: health, love, wealth, brilliant friendships, adventure, and creativity. See how powerful you can become when your own subconscious works for you!

The Quantum Quest

Re-code self-sabotage in your work, relationships and health within 4 weeks.

A unique methodology and guided journey like no other with support from experienced mentors. Master your subconscious mind! 

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Fed up with Self-Sabotage?

We created a three-step process to guide you through recoding your mind. Get started on this journey by downloading the free e-book and understanding subconscious manipulations. Readers prepared this way unlock a free assessment tool (linked inside) for clarity of individual self-sabotage dynamics.

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Anna does a beautiful job of explaining the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves and provides practical, actionable tools to wire your beliefs so that they support you unconditionally in your pursuit of a magnificent, consciously designed life.

– Juliana (Canada)

“I went from questioning my ability to walk through life as I wanted, from living in the fear of being who I was created to be, to stepping into that life. I am stepping into my dreams and starting to live a creative and artistic life, helping others to achieve what they’re passionate about. I am experiencing the joy of transformation which is a gift beyond all expectations.”

– Joyce (USA)

“Anna has an excellent understanding of the concepts necessary to shift your mind and realize a better life experience. She walks you through a step-by-step process of retraining your brain by reframing old beliefs into new possibilities to take you to a whole new level of living.”

– Joanne (USA)