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Mon 29th April -
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4:00pm (New York),
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Ever wondered why achieving what you truly desire seems like an uphill battle?


Let's talk about something most people don't realise - we're all equipped with this incredible program in our minds, known as the Subconscious Mind.

It's like a finely-tuned computer program, quietly running in the background.

This program was written during your first 7 years on this planet.

Its primary mission? 


To keep you safe and help you fit into your tribe, your family, your world. 

In those crucial seven years, your brain soaked up experiences, words from people around you, constantly writing new code.

Your Subconscious Mind craves love because love simply means you are going to survive. In other words, ‚Äúif they don‚Äôt love you, they‚Äôre just going to dump you on the street and no one is going to feed you.‚ÄĚ


So, your Subconscious Mind kept track of what earned you love and what led to disapproval and rejection.  

For example, if you were that kid who wasn't allowed to be seen, being at the centre of everybody's attention or on stage now might feel like a huge challenge and almost a threat to your safety.

Or if you were taught to be silent when adults talked, public speaking might be an impossible and terrifying experience.


It's fascinating how our early experiences shape our abilities later on.

As you began to grow, your well-meaning Subconscious Mind, though acting out of love and concern, inadvertently started placing constraints on your potential.

It's as though it developed a set of protective instincts that, while helpful in your formative years, now hinder you. 

That once-guardian has evolved into an overly cautious parent telling you "No, it's too risky." ‚ÄúNo. Don‚Äôt do it‚ÄĚ.

It's just like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on! 

How does Subconscious Mind Re-Coding change the game?


Think of recoding as a backstage pass to your computer program.

We're delving into the source code, pointing at what needs a change, and saying, "This needs an upgrade, and this too!"


If your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs don't align, it's like trying to bike uphill with a bullet train pulling you in the opposite direction.

Your dreams will stall and stop, no matter how hard you pedal.

This is why Subconscious Mind Recoding is not just a game-changer ‚Äď it's a life-changer.

It's the key to turning those dreams into reality, unlocking doors to success that once felt out of reach.

Learn how to reprogram your Subconscious Mind and this time truly watch the magic unfold.

The 5 Day Challenge runs over 5 days. It is an hour a day introduction to what it is Subconscious Recording, how it works and a glimpse of what is possible.

 You will be exposed to examples, basic techniques and most importantly the awareness of what is actually going on.

For the first time you will see the handbrake!

You will not be able to see life the same way.

Our 5 week flagship program ($1995) condensed into 5 days!

Your subconscious takes 95% of your decisions and is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind. If both are not aligned it's like you riding a bicycle while being pulled by a bullet train that's going in the opposite direction. Are you aligned? This week with us has the potential to transform your whole life, join us!

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$97 USD

"More transformational than anything Ive studied in the last 7 years and I've studied A LOT and with the best!"

‚Äď Danielle M


"Life changing tools to finally recode the negative patterns to live your dream life."

– Isaac X

In 5 days you'll learn how to transform your life in these 5 categories!


Body, Mind & Lifestyle


Intellectual, Creative Learning & Implementation


Money, Career & Contribution


Love & Sex Life


Family, Friends & Adventures

Here's what you'll learn:



You will learn the secrets of how your mind got hypnotically coded and what is currently holding you back - this will be a massive AHA moment for you! You'll also learn how this applies to the topics of self-love, health, fitness, mental health, and living a purposeful and authentic life!




This day is fully dedicated to your financial success and fulfilling career! What are the subconscious dynamics secretly holding you back for decades? What are your subconscious masks and how can you become aware of them? We'll provide answers to these questions and much more!




You'll learn how to radically improve your relationships. You'll wake up to the how your subconscious mind has chosen to manipulate others (to none of your fault!). Not only will this knowledge allow you to be aware of your own unconscious manipulations but it will also free you from other people’s manipulations!




This day is dedicated to your love life and how to experience intimacy and ecstasy! You will grasp how your subconscious has chosen your romantic partners in life and why the honeymoon period only lasted a short period of time. You will be able to see why people behave the way they do in their intimate relationships and what to do to attract or improve yours! 




You will learn how the unique QMA Mind-Recoding method can revolutionize your life! Also gain fun tools to effectively communicate with your own subconscious mind (yes that's possible). Finally make your subconscious working for you rather than against you!



Our 5 Day Challenge is the condensed version of our highly acclaimed 5-week program.
We have carefully extracted the most essential and impactful elements from the program and packed them into this 5-Day Challenge.
Get ready to experience the transformative power of our program in just 5 short days live with Anna Berger, the bestselling author of "Escape Your Matrix"
Mind Re-Coding Quest: US$1,995

Now only $97 USD


"Anna Berger is the most amazing subconscious mind teacher I've ever come across."

– Tilman B

"The changes in me are profound. I have the same drive and ambition but how I feel is completely different."

– Marc, France

"So insightful and mind-blolwing to realize we can change what was put into our young minds.."

– Tracey C

"This program finally put in place the missing knowledge I needed to break out of my ‘stuckedness.’ With brutal honesty Anna lays out the reasons behind, and the way through, my many failed attempts to change. A better, rewarding and fulfilling life awaits all who experience this.”

– Bret, Australia

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Your Benefits 


Learn the real reasons behind your past failures in business and relationships


Learn the true dynamics behind your chronic health issues


Swiftly remove your subconscious blocks and effectively stop self-sabotage


Decide what you truly and authentically want out of life without old programs running your mind


Make friends with that critical voice inside your head


Finally get your subconscious mind to work for you rather than against you!

 Are you ready?


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Meet your Trainer Anna  

Mind Re-Coding Specialist & Internationally Bestselling Author

Quantum Mind Academy CEO, Anna Berger, has been a business and life coach for over a decade. After building a quarter-billion-dollar empire in real estate and realizing that money can’t buy you happiness, she embarked on a self-discovery journey of the psychology of human fulfillment.

With a passion for quantum physics, hypnosis and neuro-linguistics, she is a leading transformative coach who specializes in conscious communication and Subconscious Mind Recoding™

Through the programs in Quantum Mind Academy, she teaches people all over the world how to release themselves from the matrix of the coded mind and to use the power of the subconscious to excel in life.

Her humor and ability to distill the complexities of psychology and quantum physics into a simple, user-friendly process – which is free of academic jargon and ‘unnecessary fluff’ – makes this training ideal for anyone to pick up, implement its strategies, and obtain substantial results!

Be ready for a total identity shift: you get to choose who you become by deleting the error codes in your subconscious allowing you to use its incredible power to work for you in every part of your life: health, love, wealth, brilliant friendships, adventure, and creativity. See how powerful you can become when your own subconscious works for you!

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"This is the one you've been searching for."

– Cam M

"A must have access to the inner me."

– Tebie S

"A long needed date with my subconscious."

– Mayra

"First class tickets to my own super bullet train."

– Cliff T

"ANNAAAA, I've just finishing your 5 day challenge and I'm shouting out...... more transformational than anything Ive studied in the last 7 years and I've studied A LOT and with the best! Love your work and generosity."

– Danielle M.

“This program is amazing! It is changing my life and it will do the same for you! It is a joy to watch and simplify what should surely be complex concepts! I am so grateful and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me!”

– Susan, United Kingdom

"A life-changing journey into the relationship with my sub-conscious."

– Christina P

"A square off with match-making with my subconscious."

– Carolyn M

"I am loving getting to know my S.C.M more intimate."

– Farah L

"Amazing and life-changing!"

– Scene T

"This training has created a phenomenal transformation is such a short period of time! It has accomplished more in one week that months and years of other quests."

– Sharon S

"Fascinating. Journey in to the self."

– Jesus

"Eye-opening. Beyond your imagination! A journey to places you've never been before."

– Rhonda C

"a place and time to explore what drives oneself and to transform oneself and, ideally, transform society"

– Dominic C

"Life changing tools to finally recode the negative patterns to live your dream life."

– Isaac X

"Mind and soul healing"

– Chris

"Fascinating journey to my own mind!"

– Pablo

"Literally mind blowing"

– Vanessa

"More transformational than anything Ive studied in the last 7 years and I've studied A LOT and with the best!"

‚Äď Danielle M

"Recoding For Extraordinary Life. Mental Transformational Reboot."

– Alonzo F

"A combination of the best of many modalities that can be more impactful than years of therapy."

– Marcia N

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