Anna Berger is the coach you always wanted– someone who has been there at the cutting edge of business and entrepreneurship as a strategic leader, someone who’s awakened to their own resilience and strength of character, someone who sees possibility in every scenario, and someone who cares deeply about helping you to become what you’re capable of becoming.

Anna can transform a company, and, more importantly, she will transform your life.

Anna has committed herself to finding the best thinkers in whatever discipline she’s passionate about and learning from masters, then becoming a master herself. She is a true Renaissance Woman!

When I met Anna she had just come back from a photo shoot. When Anna got interested in photography she didn’t mess around! She went to the top photographers in the world and learned directly from them, then created her own incredible artwork all around the globe for the joy of that creation.

From Oprah to Tony Robbins to Bruce Lipton, Anna connects to thinkers who change the world and make things happen, integrates their thinking with her own and synthesizes it into practical, actionable tools for those she works with.

Now is such a potent time for breaking through our mental programing to create a healthier, more sustainable, more joyful, just and peaceful world.

With much of the globe reeling from economic and health related crises, many of us are stepping back and assessing who we are, what we really care about, and who we wish to become. As poet Mary Oliver asks…‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’

Now is your time.

Anna has created a powerful system that enables us to do a deep dive into the masks we wear and the perspectives we’ve adopted over a lifetime, allowing us to wake up and break through to our own greatness and FREEDOM OF MIND to fill our lives with passion and purpose.

I invite you to take the journey that lies ahead in this book, and to really grab hold of the exercises and journaling available to you in this program. It will be just what you were looking for, and nothing like you expected.


Karlin Sloan
CEO, Sloan Group International
Author ofthe Amazon #1 bestseller Inspiring Leadership for Uncertain Times, Smarter, Faster, Better, and Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work

Anna’s refreshing perspective gives a unique, insightful andfun approach to self-improvement. With the Quantum Mind Academy in support, I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead of me.

David Wharf
Bristol, UK

The enlightenment and joy I felt after reading the book is indescribable. I started drawing my Avatar and realised that Spielberg is nothing next to our true nature’s authenticity. Look out world, I am releasing my best self!

Roxana Cotruta
Athens, Greece

I read, stopped and thought – I had so many ‘wow’ moments reading this book. I wish it was written many years ago and someone had given it to me when I was fresh out of high school and starting university! How different my whole outlook on life and my mindset would have been. I’ve read the book a few times and certain parts I’ve read over and over because it’s my own personal and constant reminder that I AM in control – the conscious me, here and now. I would highly recommend this book from high school students to, well, infinity and beyond!

Sharon Mowat
Melbourne, Australia

Self-sabotage is what I always do when something good is on the horizon. Understanding that this is not the way things need to be, with the help of the strategies in this book I can make changes for my highest good going forward. Thank you, Anna!

Nicola Brettell-Smith
Winchester, England

The author has an excellent understanding of the concepts necessary to shift your mind and realize a better life experience. She walks you through a step-by-step process of retraining your brain by reframing old beliefs into new possibilities to take you to a whole new level of living.

Joanne Mengwasser
St Louis, USA

Take the headset off! Anna takes us on a journey as we get to discover that we live life wearing a mask (really appropriate, considering the timing), whether it’s the one we are looking through or the one we let others look through – REALITY is virtual! By enlightening us and allowing us to see the paradigm that is life, we awaken and discover we are able to implement sustainable tools and tactics to find our own music and game of life. Play On!

Keith Cole
Johannesburg, South Africa

This book finally put in place the missing knowledge I needed to break out of my ‘stuckedness’ (yes, I made up this word). With brutal honesty Anna lays out the reasons behind, and the way through, my many failed attempts to change. With patience, understanding and great intuitive style, Anna has written a blueprint for consolidated change. It’s not easy but at the same time simple in its elegance, so obvious when she shows how. A better, rewarding and fulfilling life awaits all who read.

Bret Chalmers
Melbourne, Australia

A great concept explained in clear, understandable words. Going through the book, I have noticed patterns in reviewing my life, my actions, thoughts and feelings and the often windy paths they have led me to. Thanks to the brilliant questions and the workbook, I am now able to course-correct and create new coding for a much more exciting and inspiring future. Thank you, Anna, for your expert support to ‘Escape the Matrix’ which is no longer serving us.

Claudia Duncan
Ratzeburg, Germany

I absolutely loved this book. I have read so many and can honestly say this is the one that really opened my eyes. It’s fascinating and got me excited about the things I can achieve. It’s a brilliant read. Anna has a very entertaining approach and light bulbs were exploding for me in every chapter. If you really want to get to grips with whatever is holding you back, this book will deliver.

Janette McNamara
Dublin, Ireland

Anna does a beautiful job of explaining the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves and provides practical, actionable tools to wire your beliefs so that they support you unconditionally in your pursuit of a magnificent, consciously designed life.

Juliana Uto
Calgary, Canada

Loved this book. The coding of our lives was a relatively new idea to me, and this book explains it in a way which is easy to understand and gives you the power to change your own coding through carefully and thoroughly guided techniques. A book you can go back to again and again!

Karen Searle
Brisbane, Australia

Anna, it’s amazing how the Universe provides at exactly the right time. Many years ago we were lucky enough to cross paths. You had a huge impact on my life then and have continued to enter my life throughout the years at exactly the right moment in time. Eternally grateful our lives intersected. I am going through a major life event at the moment. Out of the blue there you are with this life-changing book and journal to assist not only me but my family at the exact moment we need guidance and support. I am on a journey of growth and personal development. I have been searching for the right path to follow and the tools to aid my journey. You are an incredible role model and inspiration for all women and men alike. I can’t wait to see you catching up with Oprah to chat about your book and program. Completing the circle. Love and light.

Vicky Chalmers
Melbourne, Australia

This book has had a profound influence on me and how I want to face the reality of my life after reading this book. I know my life can be better from now.

Jindan Sun
Melbourne, Australia

This book is amazing! It is changing my life and it will do the same for you! It is a joy to read and simplifies what should surely be complex concepts! I am so grateful and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me!

Susan Wieland
Fishburn, UK

If you want to create your life the way you want and feel empowered at the same time, this book is for you!

Gayatri Kuraganti
Lexington, SC, USA