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Re-code self-sabotage in your work, money, relationships and health within 4 weeks.

Unlock and Master the power of your subconscious mind for abundance in all life areas. We at Quantum Mind Academy will guide you step by step

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If you are not getting the results you have been working so hard for, chances are your subconscious mind is working against you

Your subconscious runs your life 95% of the time and it is 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind. If your subconscious is not on board with your conscious wishes, it is like trying to pull a bullet train in the opposite direction using a bicycle.

Even with strong will and hard work, you have no chances of winning. The only way is to get your subconscious aligned with your conscious mind to make it work for you rather than against you. Then, you become unstoppable!

5 modules and 48 videos

Live support from mentors

500+ ready-to-use codings

Module 1. Welcome to the Matrix

Uncover your masks and manipulations

Reveal your subconscious programming sabotaging your career, creativity, relationships and health.

  • learn the intricacies of your subconscious mind
  • understand the essential dynamics of those protection mechanisms
  • dive deep into relationship dynamics and shine a light on your acquired mind programs

Module 2. Awakening

Befriend your subconscious and learn to be the boss

Become the benevolent boss and consciously communicate with the power inside yourself that makes and executes 95% of your decisions.

  • get a powerful mental model on how to perceive what we usually call “reality”
  • learn how to use forgiveness in the context of leveraging your subconscious mind
  • apply a simple but highly effective technique to instantly relief stress wherever you are

Module 3. Preparation For The Great Escape

Reconnect with your authentic self

Unique exercises will help you connect to your most authentic self and tease out your bold and true desires – the building blocks for your new Avatar.

  • get specific guidance on how to design the new blueprint for your life with videos for each step
  • define your new Avatar and the create your own freedom movie
  • use our PDF workbooks to work efficiently through the process
  • learn techniques of communication with your subconscious mind to live your new Avatar

Module 4. Preparation For The Great Escape

Re-code your subconscious to a powerful new Avatar

Using a safe and proven method you will overwrite all that self-sabotage with new subconscious programming – letting you play a never-possible before version of you to achieve your goals.

  • learn the fundamentals of QMA’s unique technique of subconscious mind re-coding
  • get all the building blocks you need for a fast re-coding process
  • receive all the guidance you need for a thorough re-coding with maximum effectiveness
  • watch and apply video lessons on how to re-code specific self-sabotage like procrastination, people pleasing, chronic pain

Module 5. Escaping Your Matrix

Get preparation for your new life with a re-coded mind

Learn how to powerfully live beyond the restrictions of the coded mind. Embrace the freedom and learn how to tune into the power of your own intuition and authenticity to create an incredible life.

  • understand the concepts of 'follow the white rabbit' and 'flashlight theory'
  • learn how to live your new Avatar and freedom movie with skill and trust
  • apply a continuous and aligned goal-setting methodology to your life 

Throughout all Modules

Get guidance by a trained mentor

Trained mentors will guide you all the way throughout this journey!

  • receive skillful and empathetic guidance from carefully selected mentors
  • participate in a weekly accountability and support call with your mentor
  • get personal guidance if you struggle with a specific part of the program
  • get to know your peers and build new friendships

"The changes in me are profound. I have the same drive and ambition but how I feel is completely different. There’s no negative chatter in my mind, I’m operating from a place of peace, and good things happen naturally."

– Marc (France)

"I went from questioning my ability to walk through life as I wanted, from living in the fear of being who I was created to be, to stepping into that life. I am stepping into my dreams and starting to live a creative and artistic life, helping others to achieve what they’re passionate about. I am experiencing the joy of transformation which is a gift beyond all expectations."

– Joyce (USA)

"I found out some dark things, how I was relating with my children, and I found out what was triggering me so I am not reactive now. I live life by design, rather than as it happens, and a lot of openings have come up through this. I am forever grateful."

– Alpa (Kenya)

What you’ll get:

  • 5 Modules with 48 video lessons
  • 4 live group calls with trained mentors to support you on your journey
  • Over 500 ready-to-use codings for your subconscious

  • PDF workbooks to guide you


Align and harness the force a 1,000,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind – your subconscious!


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Special re-codings for procrastination, people pleasing, chronic pain and more!

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Access to our exclusive Subconscious Mask Assessment! Discover your masks!
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