Mind Re-Coding Mastery
Quantum Quest (5 weeks)


A deep dive into everything you need to know to master your own mind re-coding. Unlike a 5-day challenge, which covers the basics, this training takes you into the detail of each topic.

You will be walked through numerous exercises based on neuro-linguistic principles, which will allow you to truly discover your authentic self.

From finding the masks, attachments and manipulations your subconscious adapted to, through to tapping into your 4 different archetypes to enrich your new avatar – the journey ahead will be not just intellectual but emotional and spiritual.

Clearly understanding the difference between your blueprint and the avatar, you will get all the tools you will require to create your own hypnotic recordings for different times of the day and night, to counter the programs that were installed to your subconscious in your early years.

The course includes background music with binaural beats to reach the right brain vibration as well as over 600 hypnotic commands you can choose from to create your own custom-made recordings – all linked to 12 important categories of your life.

The training also takes you on a journey of conscious communication and how to become an absolute boss for your subconscious mind and rock the rest of your life as the authentic self you were meant to be!